Adjectives that Describe “House of Holes” by Nicholson Baker

“House of Holes” by Nicholson Baker (2011) – 262 pages

Pornographic  Yes indeed, this is a book of raunch as the subtitle indicates.

Explicit  This is not a novel for the easily embarrassed or offended or the faint of heart .

Equal Opportunity  The House of Holes is a sex clinic run by Lila and her staff. She offers at least as much for the ladies as she does for the guys, beginning with Dave’s Arm and the Hall of Penises.

Courteous  The men and the women always ask their would-be partner or partners politely if it is OK before doing any intended sex act, and the partners usually accept. One woman, Betsy, even calls her husband up to make sure it is OK with him before she proceeds with any act.

Sexy  When you get caught up in the spirit of the goings on, yes, it is sexy and erotic.

Over-the-Top   quoting “… Luna, the fullness, the brimmingness of your breasts, there’s more of you and more of you, you are so good with your hot boobfat, I can feel the salad bowls in your beautiful knocker-jug-bosom-boobs, that’s what I need. Mmmmmm, Thank you, thank you, thank you. “

Good-natured  The men and women happily oblige each other, and there is no guilt or shame.

Repetitive  Interchangeable people, interchangeable body parts, which is similar to most pornography (I’m told).

Expensive  Lila charges a lot for her clinic’s services. It is expensive, but most of the customers find it well worth it.

not Misogynistic  The women are at least as much helped by the services of the House of Holes as the men.

Tiresome  There are only so many holes and so many appendages. One story was pretty much like another. Two hundred pages would have been sufficient.

Maybe next time Nicholson Baker will pick a subject that is really interesting like quantum physics or analytical geometry.

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  1. Good one Tony … sounds like way too many adjectives for me to give this one a go.


  2. Hi Whispering,
    Nicholson Baker’s last book, ‘The Anthologist’, was about poetry and I really liked that one This one was a disappointment, somewhat difficult to wade through.


    • Ah, I knew I knew that name. I bought The anthologist and it’s in my TBR on the basis of your review (as I recollect) because it sounded like my sort of book. How embarrassing of me not to remember.


  3. […] read it, but it will certainly have to wait until after The Mezzanine, at least. Tony’s list of adjectives describing Baker’s latest seems like a great way to review the […]


  4. Brilliant way to review a book, Tony!


  5. Happy you liked all the adjectives, Kimbofo.


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