A Fiction Match Game – 2011

Match each author on the left with the title of one of their novels on the right.  These authors all have in common the fact that they were all writing fiction in the middle of the twentieth century.  Also all of these authors are among my favorites.  The correct answers can be found in the first comment for this post.     

1.  Gunter Grass                                        A.  Rebecca

2. Carson McCullers                                  B.  The Wicked Pavilion

3.  Nelson Algren                                       C.  Dog Years

4.  Henry Roth                                           D.  The End of the Affair

5.  Elizabeth Taylor                                   E.  Vile Bodies

6.  Graham Greene                                    F.   The Harp in the South

7.  Daphne du Maurier                              G.  A Walk on the Wild Side

8.  Ruth Park                                              H    A Game of Hide-and-Seek

9.  Evelyn Waugh                                       I.   The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

10. Dawn Powell                                        J.   Call It Sleep




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  1. Here are the answers to the quiz:
    1 – C, 2 – I, 3 – G, 4 – J, 5 – H, 6 – D, 7 – A, 8 – F, 9 – E, 10 – B.


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