I’m Guest Posting in Australia

Today I have the privilege of guest posting at Whispering Gums for the continuing series of “Monday Musings on Australian Literature”. My guest post is about one of my favorite Australian writers.

To get to the post, just click on “Monday Musings on Australian Literature”. If my post isn’t there yet, it should be shortly. Meanwhile you can check out some of the other fine postings at Whispering Gums.

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  1. Thanks a bunch Tony for guest posting … and please do comment on any of the responses (if you’d like to, of course).

    Love your images here!


  2. Thanks, Sue, I do hope the picture of a knagaroo isn’t too hokey for Australia. I actually thought a kangaroo would be less trite today than the Sydney Opera House.


  3. A great post, Tony!


  4. I enjoyed your post at Whispering Gums. I’ve read Henry Handel Richardson’s trilogy, but this reminds there are some other books by her I should probably read.

    It’s great to see an American posting in Australia!


  5. Hi Frisbee,
    And I thought I was the only US citizen who had read the entire trilogy!
    I’ve read ‘The Getting of Wisdom’ which is a much lighter novel than ‘The Fortunes of Richard Mahony’ and is very enjoyable. ‘Maurice Guest’ was a kind of a slog, for me anyway.


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