Tony’s Stay-At-Home Song PlayList


These videos from YouTube are my background music for the lock down. I’ve played these tunes hundreds of times. Just ask my family! Either click on the title or on the accompanying picture to play the YouTube video.


‘Whenever You Come Around’ by Alison Krauss with Vince Gill – I will never be able to get this Vince Gill song off my mind; it is haunting and romantic at the same time. If you like this song, also play ‘Tryin’ To Get Over You’, another Vince Gill song sung by Alison Krauss. Astonishingly Alison Krauss, I don’t believe, has ever put these two songs on an album. Her talent is an embarrassment of riches.

‘If Ever You’re in My Arms Again’ by Peabo Bryson – This is the quintessential romantic tune sung by The Voice.



Don’t Worry Baby’ by The Beach Boys – The Beach Boys’ finest (in my humble opinion). Brian Wilson himself sings lead vocal on this one.



‘The Last Cheaters’ Waltz’ by Emmylou Harris – It’s the last waltz of the evening. The guy she came with is dancing with some other woman. She has been relegated to the sidelines. She’s a little bitter.

T. G. Sheppard first had a hit with this song, but I like Emmylou’s version better.

‘You Can’t Change That’ by Raydio – It’s Ray Parker Jr. and his band of the theme from Ghostbusters fame, but this is a much, much better song. This one makes you want to dance like an eighteen year old. I’ve already devoted an article here to this song, and one of the comments there was from Arnell Carmichael who gives a wonderful performance singing on this song.

‘Travelling Alone’ by Jason Isbell – This is proof I’m still listening to new songs to find ones I like. It is my favorite Jason Isbell song.


‘How ‘Bout Us’ by Champaign

Some people are made for each other
Some people are made for another for life, how ’bout us

Because he was part of a band from Champaign, Illinois, Paul Carman has never received his due as just an incredible vocalist. Just listen.

‘Misty Blue’ by Dorothy Moore – This is a One-Hit Wonder, but what a wonder it is.





‘I Can’t Help It If I’m Still In Love With You’ by Linda Ronstadt – Linda Ronstadt sings Hank Williams. What could be better?



‘River in the Rain’ by Alison Krauss and Union Station – This is the only sad song on the list, but it’s not really sad. It was written by Roger Miller for his play ‘Big River’ in 1983. As always, Alison Krauss sings it beautifully. This song is on her album ‘Windy City’ which is Krauss’ perfect album, but some critics couldn’t figure that out.


Honorable Mention: You can click on the titles  to watch these videos too. You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma’ by David Frizzell and Shelly West, ‘Need You Now’ by Lady Antebellum, ‘What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted’ by Jimmy Ruffin, ‘When Did You Stop Loving Me’ by George Strait with Sheryl Crow, ‘September’ by Earth, Wind, and Fire



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